Horrified, Top 10 Halloween Metal Music Videos

Last day of October, it’s Halloween.
Play some videos.
Bring out the Black Tooth Grin.

Ladies and Gents, children of all metal ages, welcome to the special edition of Shot n’ Roll as we observe the dark and scary presence of Halloween. Welcome, to the Horrified gallery!

Horrified, Top 10 Halloween Metal Music Videos
Horrified, Top 10 Halloween Metal Music Videos

What’s special with this one? As you may notice, there are no photos in this blog (except for the title image of course!). So as far as Halloween is concerned, allow me to share to you some of the metal and grunge videos which consists  of a head-banging track, dark , scary, horrifying themes for your Halloween satisfaction.

As for photography, just take a look at the compositions, stills, and dark studio themes used in some of these videos which seems to be interestingly beautiful to adopt.

Lets  bring this one out for all of the metal heads and photography enthusiast out there who’s craving for a different and ass-kickin’ treats! Yes yes, it’s Halloween, and its the perfect season for metal music and scary stuffs.

So without further ado,  I’ll give you my Top 10 Halloween Metal Music Videos. Lets start the trick or treat with this one… Check this out! \m/

10. Cradle of Filth – Nymphetamine

– Gothic as it is… If you’re planning to shoot on a studio with a very unique theme, count this one in.

– S \n/ R –

9. Mudvayne – Dig

– White background, scary faces,  ass-kickin’ and head bangin’ track. Just some of the reasons why I’ve included this one on the list.

– S \n/ R –

8. Slipknot – Vermillion Part 2

– a lot of stills in this video. The plain and clean version from it’s original version.

– S \n/ R –

7. Metallica – Enter Sandman

Now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
if I die before I wake,
I pray for God my soul to take.

– S \n/ R –

6.Rob Zobie – Dragula

– This is just one of the best videos of Rob Zombies twisted creation. In addition, this track is also included in the Twisted Metal 4 PSP Game, and when you finish the game using Mr.Zombie vehicle, you’ll see Rob Zombies clip on their cinematic ending.

– S \n/ R –

5. Nine Inch Nails – Perfect Drug

– One of the all time perfect videos for Halloween.

– S \n/ R –

4. Slayer – Eyes of the Insane

– Heavy metal wouldn’t be heavy metal if there’s no Slayer on your list. This is video is uniquely done, messages were perfectly delivered on the eyes.

– S \n/ R –

3. Nirvana – Heart Shaped Box

– in memories of a music rock icon… RIP Kurt Cobain.

– S \n/ R –

2. Pantera – Cemetery Gates

– Yeah i hear you. This video is not scary, but since its Halloween and all souls day is coming, I’ve included this one to stop and remember our friends and love ones who’ve just passed away. Remember the good times, light those candles and pray for their souls… (RIP Dimebag Darrell)

– S \n/ R –

1. Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun

– The unique and strange concept of this video will scare the shit out of you. A main reason why i place this as #1 on the list. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show…

– S \n/ R –

That’s it folks! Hope you like and enjoy the videos I’ve shared. See you next Halloween for another trick or treat! \m/

– The End

Thanks for dropping by to my Horrified Gallery! By the way, if you like this post, you can drop some comments and rate it. Just click those stars and gimme a hell yeah! \m/

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