Makati Avenue Night Streetscape Shots

There’s no safer place than the streets of Makati to take Night Streetscape shots with. No worries about the junkies coz they don’t exist here. Another hero arises, good job for the city mayor for keeping this place safe and clean. \m/

Seize the day, claim the night, take advantage of it and have a nice shot! Here’s Makati Avenue on your usual sight. Street lights above your head, tall and bright structures that will turn your head.

Makati Ave Streetscape
Makati Ave Streetscape

ISO 800
1/15 sec

This next shot I present to you is taken on a different spot, different view and a different angle. Here’s Makati Ave looks like from the top.

Makati Ave Streetscape
Makati Ave Streetscape

ISO 400
10 sec

Our actual shooting took place on the ledge of our 12th floor, outside the pantry on where we work for. Wanna try something different from your office? Here’s my advice man… Get your cam, set your tripod and place yourself outside your building. (just like what we’ve done here hehehe!) I assure you, you’ll have the thrill of shooting and a wonderful photograph all in one. If you have a fear of heights, well this is the right spot for you to test yourself and overcome it!

Q: What else can we shoot other than this beautiful scene?
A: Portraits.

Makati Ave Streetscape
Night Outdoor Portrait

ISO 400
1 sec
Pop-up Flash

Go give yourselves a nice souvenir shots about the craziness you’ve done on your office, coz this is something you don’t usually do and see everyday. Hehehe!

“Ganito kami sa Makati” – and definitely we’ll do it again! \m/

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Gears Used:
Canon EOS 1000D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lens
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens

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