Inside the Campus: UST photowalk snaps and photographs

After feeding us the information, theories, tips and settings discussed by the Lightcatcher Master(Richard Yulo), the actual shooting took place at the UST campus. No more theories, no more write-ups, the real application starts here. So without further adieu, I bring you my shots taken at the grounds of UST. Special thanks to the Lightcatcher for this one. \m/

Opening ceremony. Let’s all look to the flag and show our patriotism.

UST Flagpole
UST Philippine Flag

Path to Righteousness… The photowalking journey starts here…

Path to Righteousness
Path to Righteousness

Let’s sit for a few minutes here. Band at Rest, a shot taken while having a quick break. \m/

Band at Rest
Band at Rest

This one will catch your attention. A statue with a fountain on her feet. Very nice subject to shoot from.

Heavenly Statue
Heavenly Statue

Clock’s ticking, night is coming.
Unload those shots to the beautiful spots.

UST Clock Tower
UST Clock Tower

The monochrome UST Clock Tower.

Looking back to the path you’ve taken, here’s what it leads…

Path to the Arc
Path to the Arc

Facing back from the clock tower, a diferent view, a different direction and a different effect.

Reaching the end of the opposite direction, you’ll find the famous UST Arc of the Century.

Dark Arc
UST Arc of the Century

Feel free to pass the arc, nevermind the rumors! Go see and test it yourself. Your future lies here… \m/

The lens-catchin’ colors that dusk brings. My favorite time for shooting sceneries. UST on dusk scenery… A shot that you definitely don’t wanna miss.

UST at Dusk
UST on Dusk Scenery

And after a long hours of shot n’ rollin’ on the most interesting spots of the campus, time to get the souvenir shot. A self-portrait on the UST grounds. Thanks to Apollo, God of the Sun, for casting long shadows. \m/

Self Portrait at UST
Self Portrait #1: Tree is a Crowd

One is enough, two is too much and Tree is a Crowd! My self-portait #1 what I’ve called Tree is a Crowd.

Self Portrait #2 at UST
Self Portrait #2: Shadow Spiral

My 2nd shot, another self-portrait what I called Shadow Spiral.

That’s it folks! Thanks for dropping by to my UST Photowalk Gallery. Just a little personal thought…

You know what’s cool about this school? Well, aside from it’s reputable profile (as we all know), this is a nice place for photowalking. Just have your UST buddy along with you and that’s it. Shot n’ Roll, all day long! \m/

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Gears Used:
Canon EOS 1000D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lens

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