Sexy Models, Gorgeous Portraits, Studio Shots and Camera Settings

Studio is said to be an artist’s workroom… Yes it is!

I’ve been through a lot of studio equipped with head-bangin’ gadgets. Microphones, wires, guitar effects and amplifiers everywhere. I used to bring my bass guitar whenever we go to this place, but this one right here is different, I bring my cam instead.

No amps, electric guitars and drum set. A studio built for your eyes only. Roll down the background canvass, hit the lights, strike a pose and give me your sweetest smile. Ladies and Gents, welcome to Shot n’ Roll goes Studio!

Model Shoot #1
Model Shoot with Flash

Here are some of the model shots taken at White Box Studio with the MCC. This is the 1st set of shooting, so think of a sweetest pose.

Model Shoot #2
Model Shoot with Flash

Anywhere she looks, whatever pose and angle counts. Ms. DC can make your trigger, happy. \m/

Model Shoot #3
Model Shoot with Flash

Next set: The late great King of Pop Michael Jackson. Do you remember the time…

Model Shoot #4
Model Shoot without Flash

A sexy casino girl? correct me if I’m wrong, but she’s definitely sexy… hehehe!

Model Shoot #5
Model Shoot without Flash

Ms. DC on her casual wear. The final set of shooting.

Model Shoot #6
Model Shoot with Flash

It’s really a pleasure to meet and shoot a beautiful, sexy and humble model like her. She definitely Rocks! \m/

Shotnroll goes Studio
Model Shoot with Flash

Taking portraits on studio is a cool shooting experience. This is one place that you’ll definitely keep on shooting. A good spot for model and photographer to shoot, coz any pose or any position will give you a nice shot. This is the place where there is no bad shot, unless your cam settings is incorrect. Suggestion? Use a Light Meter to give you a proper exposure.

Here’s what the Light Meter says on our set (with Studio Flash):
ISO 100
1/125 sec
I’ve just increase the ISO to 200.

Here’s the settings that I’ve used without flash.
ISO 400
1/15 sec

Want more sexier? Looking for some attitude? Switch to Part 2 of this post \m/

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Gears Used:
Canon EOS 1000D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lens

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