Razorback Rocks the Handle Bar | Brian Velasco’s Birthday Gig

What: Razorback’s Birthday Gig (Brian Velasco)
Where: Handlebar, Makati
When: Nov. 20, 2009

Stand by… Rolling!

Lets cut the intro and bring out the Hard-Rockin’ Pinoy rock band. Set the stage, focus the spot light and turn those amps to the fullest. Ladies and Gentlemen, performing tonight, the Hebigat Rock n’ Rollers of all time… RAZORBACK!

Razorback Rocks the Handle Bar in Makati
Razorback Rocks the Handle Bar in Makati

Rock n’ Roll Legends.. that’s what they are! They have their own Rock n’ Roll style of music, head-banging riffs, and live ass-kicking performance that makes Razorback second to none. Hearing their music is one thing, but watching them perform live is definitely something!

Lahat ng hanap mo nandito, oh woooh woooh oh oh!
Basta’t abot lang ng kamay mo, oh woooh woooh oh oh!

Razorback Members:

Kevin Roy – the front man, the lead singer and a rock n’ roll performer like no other. He has this unique voice that makes Razorback Hebigats! Singing, head-banging and beer-drinking while performing? Only a few good men can do those things in one show. Count ’em in! \m/

Kevin Roy (Vocals)
Kevin Roy (Vocals)

Manuel Legarda – the guitar man of Wolfgang who joined Razorback, and continued the rock n’ roll guitar duties that Dave Aguire (former guitar) left. He’s a versatile guitar player who have no sweat shifting from crushing metal riffs (like he did in Wolfgang) to a hard rock n’ roll licks.

Manuel Legarda (Guitar)
Manuel Legarda (Guitar)

Tirso Ripoll – what else can we say ’bout this man… He’s the guitarist of Razorback from Past to Present. Though I’m not saying I ain’t miss any Razorback shows, but all of the gigs and shows that I’ve seen, he’s always there rockin’ smokin’ with his guitar, and never failed to gig! He’s a punctual, dedicated, rock n’ roll musician that serves as one of the foundations of Razorback.

Tirso Ripoll (Guitar)
Tirso Ripoll (Guitar)

Mon Legazpi – Wolfgang’s bassist. Though he’s not the bassist of Razorback, he have done a good job keeping this good show rocking. Watching him slapping his 5 string bass guitar will make you frozen stiff. By the way, where’s Louie Talan? (Razorback’s bassist)

Mon Legazpi (Wofgang's Bassist)
Mon Legazpi (Wofgang's Bassist)

Brian Velasco – the hard-hittin rock n’ roll drummer, the celebrant, the man of the hour. He continued the drum-banging duties of Miguel Ortigas (former drummer) to keep Razorback rollin.

Brian Velasco (Drums)
Brian Velasco (Drums)

There’s something amidst in the world
Haven’t you guessed shapeshifter?

Flash-off scenes on the Rock Stage

Razorback... Sounccheck! Soundcheck!
Razorback: Mic Test! Sound Check!

Soon we’ll be out to haunt you
You mensch have fallen out of grace
Don’t you know that we’re out to get you?
You and your voodoo, who do

Razorback’s mic test, sound check and guitar tuning.

Mon Legazpi and Tirso Ripoll
Mon Legazpi and Tirso Ripoll

Tirso Ripoll, Brian Velasco and Mon Legazpi on a rockin’ moment… \m/

Kevin Roy On Stage
Kevin Roy's Spotlight

Kevin Roy’s on set, on stage, on spotlight, showing good music to the crowd.

Razorback’s Live Performance and Stage Act

Sige lang nang sige
Hangga’t mapanis ang ngiti
Tuloy ligaya, sige mangiliti

Kevin Roy singing on Manuel’s riffs.

Kevin Roy's rockin' on Manuel's riffs
Kevin Roy's rockin' on Manuel's riffs

Handa ka na ba
Para tanggapin ako
Tatawanan n’yo ba
Ang isang payaso

Razorback Guitar Heroes’ Tirso Ripoll and Manuel Legarda doing the rhythm-lead, lead-rhythm guitar sync.

Razorback Guitar Heroes
Razorback's Guitar Heroes

Kevin Roy on freestyle singing… Rocks!
It goes the 1, 2, 3, 4… and that’s a… ssshhhhh… yeaaah!

Kevin Roy
Kevin Roy

At naglaho ang liwanag sa dilim
Walang ingay ngunit nakakabingi
Bote ng alak na hindi nabuksan
Mga sigarilyong ubos na ang apoy

Two great musicians of Wolfgang
Two great musicians of Wolfgang

Kaibigan saan ka na ngayon
Ako’y naghihintay rito
Sa pagdating ninyo

Since two of the Wolfgang members were here, the Wolfgang tracks were also played here. Here are some of the tracks performed by Razorback in this gig.

* Center of the Sun – Wolfgang
* Natutulog kong Mundo – Wolfgang

Seeing this show with this line up reminds of me of their reunion concert (Razorback and Wolfgang) they’ve done few years ago in Music Museum. Two of the best bands here in one hell of a show.

Razorback's toast for a Rock n' Roll Birthday Gig
Razorback's toast for a Rock n' Roll Birthday Gig

A toast for a Rock n’ Roll successful birthday gig. I’m glad to be here and I’m proud for shot n’ rollin’ them! RAZORBACK RULES! \m/

Craving for some more? You can check the album Razorback Rocks the Handle Bar on my flickr to satisfy that rock n’ roll feeling of yours. Photos not included in this gallery are also available here.

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