No Limits In Art

No limits in Art… Indeed, agreed, defined and proven by most artists worldwide. Ladies and Gents, Welcome to my wall of junkies that I find interesting and artistic. These are the unusual and unique subjects that I choose to shoot on my photowalking at the Fort (except for the 3 Legged Fountain that dominates in this area).

Watch your step man, coz you’re about to enter a world without limits…

No Limits In Art
No Limits In Art

Junks are for Recycling and Recycling is for junks. As for me, if I were to recycle these shots, I’ll gonna use this one as a Cassette Tape album cover for a Grunge, Rock n’ Roll and Metal Pinoy Music compilation entitled Dekadang Metal Volume 1. \m/

No Limits In Art
No Limits in Art

Consisting of 10 ass-kicking, head-banging tracks that emerged in the 90’s Decade of Madness. Let’s relive the good music that was left behind and keep the old-school on-stage attitude alive!

No Limits In Art
No Limits in Art

These are the 10 head-bangin’ tracks that I’ll be including in this Volume 1 compilation:

Side A
1. Backdraft – Anak ng Gabi
2. Bonehead – Kadugo
3. D.A.M.O.K – Dumidilim
4. Dahong Palay – Talim
5. Death by Stereo – Manyakis

Side B
1. Gnash – Basketbolista
2. Lola’s Curse – Sa Sulok ng Krus
3. Dethrone – Pokpok
4. Drone – Samaral
5. Panic City – Kagat ng Lagim

Here’s a sample of what this Dekadang Metal Volume 1 compilation would look like:

Dekadang Metal Volume 1 (Front Cover)
Dekadang Metal Volume 1 (Front Cover)

Here’s the back cover…

Dekadang Metal Volume 1 (Back Cover)
Dekadang Metal Volume 1 (Back Cover)

Metal, metal and more metal! These shots below were also taken at the streets of The Fort. Though they are not junks, I will also reuse these shots as an album music cover, but this time it’s a CD Version. Dekadang Metal Volume 2… An ear drum-breaking, ass-kicking and head-banging music sequel from the reigning metal bands of the 90’s.

No Limits In Art
Dekadang Metal Volume 2 (Front Cover)

(download Dekadang Metal Volume 2 Wallpaper)

Consists of 10 good old head-bangin’ tracks to live by… \m/

No Limits In Art
Dekadang Metal Volume 2 (Back Cover)

Back to asylum…

The word Art is so huge and beyond imagination, unlimited and infinite depending on the person who creates it and the viewers who interprets it.

No limits in Art…
Maximize capability, Unleash creativity! \m/

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Gears Used:
Canon EOS 1000D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lens

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