Rhian Ramos at the Mag:net Cafe

As we proceed to this months candid and portrait edition, here’s a different shot n’ roll coz this is no ordinary person to candid with, not like the usual people we see everyday. She’s a talented young woman and indeed a beautiful gorgeous foxy lady on or off cam… And I tell you what, she’s a ticking time-bomb that’s ready to blow off the stage. Hold your horses man, get your best gears coz you know where the spotlight is! Ladies and Gents, a big round of applause for the lovely stunning lady Ms. Rhian Ramos!

rhian ramos portrait
Rhian Ramos Portrait

As we all know, this lovely Ms. Rhian Ramos was a GMA Kapuso Star that you will usually see on soap opera, drama or love story shows played during rush hour, after office hours or dinner time. Though I’m not a showbiz fanatic freak, I would still admit that I was star struck by her charming looks the moment I see her up close and personal.

rhian ramos candid shot
Rhian Ramos Up Close and Personal

As I checked my email and recieved an invitation from nuffnang’s PLDT MyDSL Watchpad Event to be held at at Mag:net Cafe High Street, 3 things just pop to my head…

1. To have an on-stage shot regardless of whose jamming
2. To have a nice candid portraits
3. To shoot beautiful, gorgeous and sexy ladies

rhian ramos on stage
Rhian Ramos On Stage

After eating the foods they’ve got, it’s time for shot n’ rollin! Hell Yeah! I was thinking of those 3 things in my head but still got no interesting subject to shoot from. Clock’s tickin’ for nothing… Until the MC called on the special guest, it’s time to put those 3 things all together in one shot! (On stage, candid portrait and beautiful, gorgeous, sexy lady)

rhian ramos singing
Rhian Ramos On Stage Vertical

This is the first time that my trigger shot n’ rolled a celebrity skin. A rock n’ roll feeling that will keep your mind blowing! Let’s give our metal horns for this one gorgeous lady right here! \m/

I’ve titled this candid gallery Celebrity Skin by Hole. By the way, if you like this post, you can drop some comments and rate it. Just click those stars and gimme a hell yeah! \m/

Gears Used:
Canon EOS 1000D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lens


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