Candid Shooting Tips

Moments… One word that best describes Candid Photography.

Candid shots are wonderful photographs that shows moment and emotions of ones subject. It simply shows your subject’s feeling towards something. It requires your focus, creativity and perfect timing to capture the “blues rhythm-like” feel of your subject.

Having a nice and amazing candid shots are more harder than shooting on a posed subject. Doing this one is much harder than you think it is. Anyway, here’s my newbie candid shooting tips that I’d like to share base on my photowalking experience.

1. Timing – is indeed everything. Make sure you capture the subjects moment on his best mood, feeling and gesture. (see Portraits #1, 3, 5)
2. Composition – the basic rule. Always apply this one in any types of your shot, whether it’s a landscape or portrait, applying this one will really give an impact in all of your shots. Look for a good angle to your subject then shoot it! (see Portraits #2 – 5)
3. Depth of Field – You have the subject, you have the composition, then apply this one. Try blurring the background to emphasize the subject. (see Portraits #3, 4, 5)
4. Vert’s Finest – Try shooting vertical. Though as they say that shooting vertical is magical, it also applies good composition to your shots. (see Portraits # 4 &  5)
5. Lights – try to involve this one coz lighting gives an extra feeling to your subject. (see Portraits #1 & 5)
6. Reversing – I want always want to recreate and experiment things. Reversing(my shot n’ roll term)
was changing your subject into sidekick(vice-versa). (see Portraits #4 & 5)

blind mariachi
Portrait #1: Blind Mariachis

Blind Mariachis from Bohol Airport. They give entertainment to a lot of people, most specially the waiting passengers by playing nice songs with their fine-tuned guitars. As for me, while amazed in the music they’re playing, I grab my trigger and shoot ’em! The natural light that reflects from the window gives a dramatic effect to my subject.

loboc ambassador rondalla
Portrait #2: Loboc Ambassador Rondalla

The Loboc Ambassador Rondalla… These Mariachis from Loboc River dominates the dining place by playing good music to the people. Aside from the nice landscape, seascape, and delicious foods they serve, this place is packed with other interesting subjects to shoot from, just like the fine-tuned mariachis here.

chocolate hills
Portrait #3: A Pose For A Cause

This Portrait #3 I’ve called A Pose For A Cause is one of my favorite candid shots in Bohol. Why I choose this title? Simply because this is a stolen shot. She’s posing a shot from her friend and the camera is in front of her. I find that moment interesting to shoot that’s why I grab my good old Trigger to steal something. Timing, Composition and Depth of Field, three of the components I’ve applied in shooting this one.

candid butterfly
Portrait #4: Beautiful Ones

This Portrait #4 is what I call shot n’ roll in reverse! This one I should say is one of my difficult candid shots in Bohol. Timing, Composition, Depth of Field, Vertical shot and my favorite, Reversed! I’ve focused the butterfly instead of her to give a unique approach. I’ve titled this one Beautiful Ones by the grunge band Suede.

i drink alone
Portrait #5: I Drink Alone

These Portrait #5 Rocks coz this candid night and low light shot captures the moment. Instead of choosing the guy with a beer to be my focus, I chose the lantern to light the fire in this shot. I drink alone, yeah, with nobody else… Blues Rock Music from George Thorogood.

Shooting people always have the impression and expectation of a moment. Whatever the mood it is or whatever she’s doing, make sure to capture that moment in a faster than bullet shots coz once your subject notice it, it’s over. You can’t have that moment again to repeat it, specially when your shooting a stranger.

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Gears Used:
Canon EOS 1000D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm kit lens

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