La Mesa Ecopark I

You know where you are?
You’re in the ecopark baby.
You’re gonna live! \m/

Welcome To The Jungle by Guns n Roses
Welcome To The Jungle by Gun's n' Roses

A jungle in the city? Oh yeah! We have one here… The place is called La Mesa Ecopark. This park is like a jungle with no danger, a forest without the wilds! If you feel like nature trippin’ or avoiding being choked by the smoke pollution, this
place is just right for you. This park is located along Commonwealth Ave., Quezon City. The entrance fee is 50 bucks, but if you’re a Quezon City resident, it would only cost 40 bucks! This park has also a public pool that is visited by a lot of people.

What’s inside the Ecopark? Go check this out! Here’s the random shots taken on different spots of the La Mesa Ecopark.

They are just one of those nature trippin’ couples at the park.

Finding Nemo?

A rice terraces look-alike at the park.

Green paradise… Oh yeah…

I’ve titled this one Welcome to the Jungle by the rock n’ roll band Guns n’ Roses, simply because this park rocks! Also watch out and wait for the second part of Shot n’ Roll Tour at The La Mesa Ecopark.
To be continued… \m/

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