Cupcake Supernova

Someday you will find me
Caught beneath the landslide
In a cupcake supernova in the sky

Cupcake Supernova
Cupcake Supernova

Get a load of these shot n’ rollers! This mini cakes that I’ve tasted was really good and a*s kickin’! Though I’ve eaten a lot of these in my whole life but this one is different! This cakes were not commercially out in the market, but their price is very affordable. I’ve titled this one Cupcake Supernova(originally Champagne Supernova from Oasis). Deliciously good, Insanely Sweet!

A closer look from the inside…

I tell you what, once you shoot this, you will know where your money went! This mini cakes simply rocks! Check their other deliciously baked goods at!

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